We’d usually invite our audience to enjoy the open road, but as the world went into lock-down as a result of coronavirus, we decided to bring the open road to them instead.

Inspired by the slow TV movement, The Drive takes viewers on an immersive road journey through breathtaking Australian landscapes in an Audi A6 Sedan. The film was shot in the NSW Central Tablelands by director Luke Bouchier at Finch, who used multiple cameras to replicate the experience of driving the car.

With a high level of restrictions in place at the time of filming, we used a small crew of just four people, following the government regulations in place at the time of filming. To enhance the mood of the drive, the film was scored by composer John Hassell, from his studio in Marseille, France – where he was in isolation too.

People and publishers alike felt the zen of The Drive Slow TV including AdAge, GQ, Fast Company and more. It was recently named by The Drum as one of the 10 most popular ads created under lockdown.

“Whether you watch for ten minutes or the full four hours, The Drive will leave you feeling just that little bit calmer. And right now, that’s enough.”


Agency – We Are Social Australia 

Production Company – Finch Company

Post Production – Atticus (part of Finch)

In addition to being the Audi project lead on The Drive, I was also the driver (it’s easier to review hours of footage in real time…).

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