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Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Sean McKeever

Sean lives in Sydney with his wife Anthea, and their two dogs, Cindy and Lola.

He has been in the creative industry for the past decade. Originally starting his career as a photographer working in nightclubs, music festivals, and social events for brands and PR agencies, he then moved onto both agency and in-house roles working for a number of large global brands in social media and content marketing.

Sean joined Host Sydney (now Host/Havas Australia) in 2015, and was quickly promoted to Social Media Manager not long after joining the agency. Notable clients at the time included Sony PlayStation, Coca Cola, Tourism West Australia, Carnival Cruise Line, Bankwest, Pizza Hut, Air New Zealand, and hotels.com. During his time at Host, Sean honed his creative skills and gained valuable experience working across a variety of industries.

After 2 years working agency-side, Sean left to join the Marketing and Communications team at Audi Australia. Today, after almost 6 years working for the brand with the four rings, Sean currently heads up the Social, Content and Community team. He leads the development and implementation of the brands Australian social media presence and is ultimately responsible for social strategy, content development, influencer talent management, and social customer service.

Sean is also responsible for the brands online editorial platform, Audi Magazine, and oversees the editorial calendar, content production, website development and optimisation, and integration into the wider audi.com.au ecosystem.

Over the years, Sean has built a network of creatives around the world, and has worked with some of the top photographers, videographers, directors and writers. Not one to shy away from jumping into the work himself, he is a confident copywriter, and has the ability to work in a variety of creative programs.

Melbourne International Film Festival 2019 (Left to right: Sean McKeever, Michael Hilliard, Justin Krook, Brian McGinn, Casey Ventura, Luke Mazzaferro).

In 2019, Sean premiered a feature-length documentary at the Melbourne International Film Festival. MACHINE is a film about artificial intelligence – what is it, how is it created and what will it mean for the way we work, play, live and learn. The film was directed by the Grammy award-winning filmmaker Justin Krook, and produced by the team behind the critically acclaimed Netflix series, Chef’s Table. Having originally conceived the idea for the film, Sean was the global project lead at Audi on the film throughout development, production, post, and distribution, and was listed as an Executive Producer on the film. MACHINE was a five-star critical success with glowing reviews across the board, and featured Audi technology and experts right at the heart of it.

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